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PagerDuty is a long time supporter and partner of PowerToFly, a professional online community for diverse talent. Each month, we contribute content to PowerToFly's company roundup blog to share PagerDuty's approach to various aspects of employee experience.


Here's a look back at our responses in 2022:

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January 2022: 27 Companies with Impressive Mentorship Opportunities 

Mentorship Opportunity with Array at PagerDuty 

“Our Black and Latinx ERG, Array, offers a mentorship program pairing individual contributors within Array to C-Suite and VP level mentors, including PagerDuty CEO Jennifer Tejada. Dedicated to leveling the playing field for Black and Latinx employees, the program is structured so everyone can learn from each other. Mentees are paired with mentors from within or outside their department for a nine-month term, which includes check-ins, themed discussions, and monthly one-on-ones. Bri Solorzano, an Array mentee, explained that this mentorship program allows her to build bonds with higher level executives, and share her personal experiences as a Latinx employee and individual contributor at PagerDuty.” 


February 2022: 35+ Ways to Celebrate Black History Month in the Workplace 

PagerDuty Hosts an Internal Company Panel to Celebrate Black History Month 

“This year our ERG, Array, will be honoring Black History Month with the theme, “Rooted in the World: Our Heritage, Our Story”. We will host company-wide events throughout the month, in addition to programming exclusive to the Array community. All employees are invited to learn from professor and curator of Black history, Dr. Jamille Harrell-Sims and participate in a fun trivia activity. Additionally, Array members are invited to an internal employee panel to hear their personal stories. In alignment with Array’s mission, to cultivate and celebrate a diverse and inclusive global environment at PagerDuty, this programming aims to show the importance and influence of Black history.”


March 2022: 40+ Ideas to Celebrate Women’s History Month at Work  

PagerDuty Attends a Concert Featuring Women and Non-Binary Artists to Celebrate Women’s History Month 

“In honor of Women's History Month, our employee resource group, SisterDuty, in collaboration with, will be hosting various events in celebration. Externally, through a career panel and mentorship event with Quantius Education Foundation, Dutonians will share their personal experiences and inspire Canadian-based students from diverse backgrounds to launch their careers in STEM. Internally, we will discuss gender and internal bias through internal panels, we will learn about the diverse experiences of our colleagues through employee spotlights, and we will enjoy a Sofar Sounds Concert featuring women and non binary artists. SisterDuty creates a safe space for women, non-binary folks, agender, and genderqueer employees at PagerDuty.”


April 2022: 10+ Ways Companies Are Supporting Muslim Employees at Work During Ramadan (and Beyond)

PagerDuty Allows Employees to Choose Where They Work During Ramadan and Beyond

“At PagerDuty, we offer a flexible work model that allows employees to choose where they want to work - hybrid, office, or anywhere. This provides space for employees to observe cultural and religious practices in an atmosphere that is comfortable to them. Those working in the office are offered a supportive and inclusive workplace, allowing for private areas to have a moment of pause. We have prayer rooms in our Atlanta, San Francisco, and Toronto offices, as well as prayer mat storage. Additionally we offer generous paid time off and a floating holiday that can be taken to observe/celebrate holidays for various religions.”


May 2022: 28 Ideas and Activities to Observe AAPI Heritage Month at Work 

AAPI Heritage Month: PagerDuty Supports Physical and Mental Health Organizations for Local Asian Communities 

Text: “For Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, PagerDuty’s AP/I employee resource group Illuminate aims to recognize and uplift the unique experiences of the Asian community. We will kick off the month with a company-wide activity where employees can learn more about the rich history and diverse cultures within the A/PI community. Internal employees will share their unique stories on a company-wide panel and through social media posts. Throughout the month, we will be highlighting resources and organizations supporting physical and mental health for our local Asian communities.”


June 01, 2022: Celebrating LGBTQIA+ Pride in the Workplace - Virtual ad In-Person Ideas 

PagerDuty hosts a live Baking Session with a Pride-Themed Trivia for LGBTQIA+ Month 

"PagerDuty’s LGBTQ+ employee resource group, RainbowDuty, holds Pride events yearly to educate, encourage community participation and create a sense of togetherness across our distributed team. This year, we will be sponsoring a mix of virtual events:

A panel with participation from external speakers 
Partnering with our social impact team on donation matching campaigns for charities 
Fun breaks with a live baking session and Pride-themed trivia 
“Colour-per-day” themed employee pictures during Pride Week, resulting in a rainbow collage featuring our team 
Distributing a 2022 Pride t-shirt for employees to wear proudly wherever they go!”


July 2022: 40 Companies Making Positive Environmental Impact 

Sustainability and Social impact at PagerDuty 

“We take a very broad view of sustainability and social impact, with our environmental focus rooted in both our climate responsibility and systemic, environmental justice concerns. Last year we launched our climate justice grantmaking program; with input from our EnviroDuty affinity group, we selected four incredible climate justice organizations to support: Earth Guardians, Earth Hacks, The Solutions Project, and OpenAQ. We are also taking our own responsibility seriously, reporting our first greenhouse gas inventories and preparing to set targets in line with the global need to limit warming to 1.5°C to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.”


August 2022: How These Companies Upskill their People to Stay Ahead

How PagerDuty Upskills Employees to Stay Ahead 

Text: “We believe all Dutonians (PagerDuty employees) are leaders and take pride in our People First goal. We prioritize our people, design whole human experiences, and make development equitable. We invest in learning that provides employees with modern leadership skills and behaviors by connecting Dutonians to real-time and relevant experiences that amplify career growth, performance, and opportunity. This happens because of our amazing people managers, leaders, and HRBPs who continually support individual and team development. More broadly, our People Development Team works to cultivate and manage key employee moments that matter to help PagerDuty realize our vision, purpose, and mission.”


September 2022: 35 Companies Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month 

PagerDuty Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month 

“Array Latine (PagerDuty’s newly formed Employee Resource Group for Latine employees) will be celebrating, honoring, and learning about Latine history and culture for Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM) this year. We’ll kick off HHM with an introduction to the new ERG. Throughout the month we will discuss burnout and learn how to handle it through group activities, we will highlight the diverse experiences of our colleagues through employee spotlights, and we will host a coffee social over Zoom where Dutonians of all Spanish-speaking levels are encouraged to speak/practice their Spanish with each other.” 


October 2022: How These Companies Celebrate and Support Their Disabled Employees

PagerDuty Celebrates and Supports Their Disabled Employees 

“We’re committed to creating accommodating, flexible working environments so Dutonians can focus on the most impactful contributions to our growth. Be it Fully Remote or Hybrid, Dutonians choose what works best - and our WorkExp team ensures in-office requests are met whenever possible. We audit offerings via two ways: Employee Engagement Surveys and feedback from our Employee Resource Group, PageAble.

“PageAble aims to educate peers and evaluate internal processes to accommodate the ways our community thrives. We highlight the strengths of Dutonians with visible/invisible disabilities - temporary or chronic medical conditions, and includes neurodivergent individuals.” - Rebecca Pilcher-Cleland & Kelcie Pittaluga, PageAble Co-leads”


November 2022: How These Companies Support Their Veterans and Military Families

PagerDuty Supports Their Veterans and Military Families

“Veterans are present and accounted for at PagerDuty! We have a variety of programs to both hire and support our veteran employees. 

As a veteran myself, I'm involved in PatriotDuty, PagerDuty’s military employee resource group, where we promote military awareness, assist in the recruitment of veteran candidates and ensure our voices are heard. One current initiative is building an internal skills translator tool, to more effectively match a transitioning veteran's skill set with opportunities here at PagerDuty. Our goal is to map Military Occupational Specialty/Air Force Specialty Code (i.e. military job identifiers) with civilian careers in tech and offer that tool to the greater community.” - Michelle Svien, Security Engineer III


December 2022: How to Celebrate the Holidays at Work 

PagerDuty Celebrates and Prepares for the Upcoming New Year  

"At PagerDuty, we celebrate the holiday season with HibernationDuty, a week when everyone will be asked to take a much needed break. We feel that HibernationDuty is an effective way to ensure that Dutonians get the rest they need and an opportunity to spend time with their loved ones.

As part of the Performance Experience at PagerDuty, we kick off the New Year by aligning on goals at 3 levels: company-wide goals, functional organization goals, and individual goals. This provides our Dutonians with an understanding of what they should be doing to grow, develop, and be successful."

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