Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity at PagerDuty


At PagerDuty, we seek to empower and enable Dutonians of all backgrounds to develop, champion and facilitate an Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (ID&E) mindset. Regardless of identity, it is important that all our employees feel welcome, safe, and heard.


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Jennifer Tejada, PagerDuty CEO

We release PagerDuty’s third annual Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (ID&E) report amidst a challenging economic backdrop, a volatile geopolitical environment and continued societal upheaval as we emerge from the pandemic.

We pride ourselves on being intellectually honest when learning from our progress in hiring, retaining and promoting a diverse and inclusive workforce and leadership. As we move forward on this journey, we will continue to make progress on our commitments to ensure we build an inclusive organization where employees can thrive and foster authentic global belonging as we transform critical work so all teams can delight their customers and build trust.

Roshan Kindred, PagerDuty CDO

If you ask a Dutonian what makes PagerDuty a great place to work, an overwhelming number will say it’s the people.

Our inclusive culture and our commitment to live our core values, like #RunTogether and #BringYourself is genuine, informs our work and engenders trust. It’s what originally drew me to PagerDuty. Today, it fuels my passion and dedication to increase diverse representation at all levels of the organization, creating inclusive spaces of belonging and conducting data-driven analysis to identify, address and amplify employee sentiment and inequities. In doing so, we better serve and grow the innovative mosaic of Dutonians we employ around the world, so they, in turn, can delight our customers. 

Employee Resource Groups


Our six Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are self-organized, employee-run communities focused on advancing inclusion and belonging at PagerDuty.

ERGs create community, advocate for the needs of their audience, and serve as liaisons between their members and our organization. Embodying one of our core values to "Ack & Own", ERGs surface opportunities to improve our offerings to Dutonians and our customers. Participation in ERGs is voluntary and highly impactful.

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Array: To level the playing field for Black/Latinx employees by cultivating and celebrating a diverse and inclusive global work environment at PagerDuty, so that we can continue to attract talent that represents our diverse customer base.

Illuminate: To support and empower Asian and Pacific Islander employees by creating a safe and inclusive space for the A/PI community and promoting cultural and social awareness at PagerDuty.

PageAble: Unite Dutonians with visible and invisible disabilities or chronic medical conditions, their families, friends and allies. We aim to cultivate an inclusive culture where all employees feel empowered by their different abilities and talents.

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PatriotDuty: To promote & support a veteran presence through recruitment programs, career opportunities, internal education, and community outreach.

RainbowDuty: To promote a positive, collaborative, and inclusive environment for all employees regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

SisterDuty: A safe space for women, non binary folks, agender, genderqueer Dutonians of SisterDuty.

Watch the videos below to learn about Mya, Donavon, and Kat's ERG experiences at PagerDuty