Frequently Asked Questions

At PagerDuty we have a “distributed by design” model. This means that we aim to offer a hybrid, flexible workplace that sets Dutonians up for success in their roles. Most Dutonians can work remotely. However, for some positions it is necessary to work on-site regularly at a PagerDuty office to fulfill their job responsibilities. If this is the case, it will be communicated to you by the recruiter in your initial conversation during the recruitment process. 

While PagerDuty does not have a “return to office” mandate, we encourage all Dutonians to meet in person on a regular basis that aligns with their team’s strategic goals. Additionally, we host company-sponsored “PagerDuty Pop-Up” events and team offsites across the globe to break down silos and bring our values to life. We believe this mix of options fosters creativity, relationship building, company culture, and belonging while giving Dutonians the flexibility they desire. 


Here at PagerDuty, we live and breathe our values: Champion the Customer, Take the Lead, Run Together, Ack + Own, and Bring Yourself. 

We are a people-first organization dedicated to building an inclusive, diverse and equitable workplace that is representative of the communities we serve in and out of the workplace. 

PagerDuty strives for work-life balance by providing Dutonians with a generous paid time off package. In addition to great vacation entitlement we also offer company paid Wellness Days as well as two Wellness Weeks (July and December) when the whole company takes time off.

Let’s hear what some of our Dutonains have to say! 

“The culture & values of PagerDuty keep me going! PD embraces that we are all human & on different paths; encouraging us to grow in our current role & explore others that intrigue us. I would recommend PD to anyone looking for a REAL fresh start!” - Amanda 

“I feel true alignment between my personal values and PagerDuty’s organizational values. Values-driven leadership is genuine here and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to evolve people development experiences.” - Alan 

“My favorite thing about working at PD is the culture and people I work with. The engineering teams have a very blameless culture and it's all hands on deck when something goes wrong, which is very encouraging to see as a junior engineer.” - Anne 

“The consistent Dutonian Days (Dutonian Days are when the entire company is off) to ensure that I can catch up on my mental health, beautiful offices, and open door policy from management make balancing my work and personal life easy.” - Sunny 

Ack+Own is one of our five values here at PagerDuty. “Ack” is short form for acknowledge and is what an incident responder here at PagerDuty needs to do on our PagerDuty platform to take responsibility for an incident. 

This has evolved since and is a value we all try to encompass here at PagerDuty. Simply put, it is when you keep yourself open to new opportunities (acknowledge), make them yours (own), and do right by it. 

We have over 1100 Dutonians across the globe. 

PagerDuty currently has offices in Atlanta, Lisbon, London, San Francisco, Sydney, Tokyo and Toronto, with remote opportunities in the countries of those cities and Chile.

PagerDuty supports employee growth and development through learning & development programs, performance management, and internal career opportunities. We want everyone at PagerDuty to be in a role they find fulfilling, where they can build their capabilities, grow, and learn. We empower all Dutonians to ack+own their career and value their service and experience. As a global growth company, we promote growth and invest in our current talent wherever we can. 

Additionally, PagerDuty holds many career development events throughout the year and has ample developmental training that can be easily accessed on our e-learning platform! 

At PagerDuty, we are a people-first organization dedicated to building an inclusive, diverse and equitable workplace that is representative of the communities we serve in and out of the workplace. 

In August of 2021, PagerDuty hired Roshan Kindred to the newly created position of Chief Diversity Officer. Roshan and her team are responsible for amplifying PagerDuty’s inclusion, diversity and equity (ID&E) initiatives. Through a structured program led by Roshan and her team, PagerDuty continues to scale our existing ID&E program and transform our corporate culture. 

Additionally, we have 8 Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that are self-organized, employee-run communities focused on advancing a sense of inclusion and belonging at PagerDuty. 

To learn more, read our Annual IDE Report or visit our IDE Webpage

We strive to redefine what it means to impact our community, our teams, our world, and ourselves. At PagerDuty, we know the greatest impact comes from collective action. was created to generate long-term community value by mobilizing our core resources—our people, platform and company resources—to support mission-driven organizations around the world.

We're also proud to be part of the Pledge 1% movement and have committed 1% each of equity, product, and employee volunteer time to help mission-driven organizations empower their teams, in real time, to positively impact the communities they serve.

Additionally, each employee receives 20 hours paid volunteer time off annually through which they can volunteer with organizations that resonate with them! 

To learn more, read our Annual Impact Report or visit our Social Impact Webpage!

Organizations of all sizes trust PagerDuty to handle their critical work across the modern enterprise. The PagerDuty digital operations platform helps companies increase uptime, reduce costs, and deliver superior customer experiences through intelligent incident response, AIOps, and process automation. 19,000 organizations place PagerDuty at the center of their digital infrastructure to manage unplanned tasks, events, and opportunities. With 1,000 employees around the world, PagerDuty is on a mission to revolutionize operations in the modern enterprise. 

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We actively invest in maintaining an inclusive environment where all Dutonians can flourish, grow and transform. Our benefits mean Dutonians can be their best selves in their everyday lives. We offer competitive pay and equity, generous paid time off and parental leave, company holidays which consists of multiple wellness days throughout the year in addition to one week in July and one week in December where the whole company is off, 20 hours paid volunteer time off annually, hands on career and leadership development programs and medical coverage on day one!